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Ready to join the Salsa craze that has hit every part of the world!? Now you can learn to dance from your comfort of your own home with our E-learning courses. 

Step-by-step guided lessons for complete beginners, break down of the steps and the leading/following instructions to get you dancing quickly and confidently on the dance floor!

E-Learning Beginner Couples Dance Course


Our 20 minute online course is designed for complete beginners to learn to dance in the comfort and safety of your own home! Learn the basics of Salsa dancing with a partner. you can KEEP FOREVER our Salsa Dance Course for only £12.99!
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Our Online Courses

  • Are there any requirements?

    Our courses are built for complete beginners - so all you need is a space to dance together!

  • What will I learn?

    During our courses for Beginners not only will you learn the basic steps of Salsa Dancing, but also how to dance with a partner – (this is called leading or following). You will be able to dance on the dance floor with your partner (and without the help of your instructors!)

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Want to progress even faster?

Private lessons are available ONLINE

Are you enjoying learning to dance and want to progress even faster? Or perhaps you prefer more personal style of teaching? We also offer private lessons online with a partner or for solo dancing, so you can improve at your own pace.
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Latin Dance Blog

Visit our blog to learn more!

If you're feeling inspired or curious - you can always find out more on our Latin dance blog. We have you covered on styles, tips on clothing, movement, practice - and don't forget to check out our podcast!
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